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The 2005 brutal assault and murder of student Inge Lotz, whose body was found in her Stellenbosch apartment, remains unsolved. Strangely, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has closed the case – and shows no interest in hunting down Inge’s killers.

Also murdered in 2005 were Jessica Wheeler and Victoria Stadler, in Knysna. Heinrich van Rooyen was found guilty of these two crimes in 2007 and is serving a sentence of 30 years imprisonment without parole – until 2035. For the past 13 years, Heinrich has maintained his innocence – and alleges that he was framed by the police.

During a four-year long investigation, an unseen hand in all three murders emerged – that of the late police Director Attie Trollip, who worked closely with the NPA. Proof has emerged that he was involved in the massive cover-up of Inge’s murder to protect the perpetrators. In all three murders, the mishandling and fabrication of forensic evidence by Trollip and others, some of whom were considered experts in their fields, can also be proved.

In this book, readers are given clues into the identities of those who murdered Inge, Jessica and Victoria. A large amount of new factual evidence has been gathered – sufficient to demand that the South African Police Services reopen all three cases so that the killers can be exposed and pay for their heinous crimes.

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Broken & Betrayed by Alan D Elsdon

On Wednesday 16th March 2005, Stellenbosch University student Inge Lotz, the daughter of Professor Jan Lotz, a renowned radiologist, and Juanita Lotz, a physiotherapist, was lured to an apparent place of safety, a drive of thirty minutes from her apartment in Welgevonden, outside Stellenbosch. With a DVD titled The Stepford Wives in hand, she rang the familiar doorbell.

Inside, Inge was surprised to find someone she trusted explicitly was also there. The brilliant 22-year-old Matie student was viciously assaulted and then murdered. In their act of betrayal, the killers were assisted by a senior member of His People Church (HPC). When darkness fell, Inge’s broken body was driven back to her apartment.

Inge was placed on her couch, facing the television. The same DVD was inserted into the player and switched on. As the film played out in the background, the killers further mutilated their victim’s body. They spread blood on and around the couch to convince the world that the murder had taken place in her apartment. The hideous artwork took less than twenty minutes. The “murder scene” did just enough to mislead a novice detective. It stood little chance of duping a true and experienced forensic crime scene expert.

This book provides startling new evidence gathered in the murders of Inge Lotz in Stellenbosch, and Jessica Wheeler and Victoria Stadler in Knysna. The atrocities committed by a senior police officer, Director Attie Trollip, now deceased, are also exposed. The author visited the crime scenes, analysed the police dockets and scrutinised court records. Numerous previous and newly-discovered witnesses, policemen and suspects, were interviewed and their statements obtained. To avoid innocent role players being harassed as a result of my investigations, I have chosen to refer to most of those involved by their first names.

In his book “Fruit of a Poisoned Tree”, Antony Altbeker covers Fred’s court case extensively and in style. He graciously agreed that quotes from his book may be used. It is not my intention to misuse such consent and rewrite his book. The main purpose of my work is to reveal new facts and evidence that the police, NPA, media and public missed – either wilfully or because of the massive behind-the-scenes cover-up.

The following is a reconstruction of the facts I have uncovered over the past four years, drawing on my experience as a former police officer with 20 years’ service. A fair of amount of repetition was necessary as I interrogated events and statements from different angles, but I trust that this will help and not hinder the reader’s understanding. After thoroughly re-examining the three cases and speaking to many of the people involved, I have come to the conclusion that the best storyteller is not any famous narrator but the facts – and time.

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